Add me to the list of streakers!

Streakers of the running variety, that is.

Last night while on the treadmill, I decided to start a streak, with yesterday being day one. I’m not sure how long I plan to go just yet and I’ll follow the standard streaking rule of at least one mile a day. This helps me in a few ways: when you’re tired and don’t feel able to exercise, getting to the gym or going outside and saying, “Okay, just one mile” almost always leads to a fully completed workout. 🙂 And then for the days when I am truly pressed for time (think exam days, C’s particularly busy school and extracurricular activity days, etc), at least getting that one mile in will be something. I always have time for at least that much. I’ll increase my running base and will be in better shape come real training next year. The thought of streaking came to me suddenly, but seems to have a lot of plusses.

Do you streak? What made you start, and what day are you on now? 🙂

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from The Wheezy Runner


We made it! This week was exhausting for me! When I wasn’t with C on epic journeys to find Pokemon or playing our Harry Potter board game, my time was spent studying for my math final. I took the test last night and ended my summer semester with a B, which I’m pretty pleased with considering it was online (aka self-taught) and it was all new to me. Luckily, SFG is a math whiz and was able to help when I had trouble.

Tonight and tomorrow night are your best chances to view the Perseid meteor shower. Get out your blanket (and camera and tripod, if you’re photo-inclined) and enjoy the show.

Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart is a long, but fascinating look at the Middle East through the stories of six individuals. Well worth the time spent reading.

Simone Manuel became the first African American woman to win a gold in swimming!

Local to Baltimore? Come to Weber’s Farm Peach Festival for food, art, and farm animals!

Olympic track and field competitions begin today and Runners World has a schedule so you won’t miss anything! I’m most excited for the women’s marathon but plan to have it on all weekend.

What are your weekend plans? It is going to be a hot one so aside from getting my run in at the crack of dawn tomorrow, I think we’ll have a lot of pool time or indoor activities. Hopefully we can make it early to the peach festival before the heat gets to be too much!

Let me know what your plans are! Good luck to everyone racing!

Benefit events to assist Ellicott City with flood recovery

If you live in Maryland or the surrounding area, you’ve likely heard of the incredible damage to the historic Ellicott City area due to a flood on the night of Saturday, July 30th. Many small businesses and homeowners have lost everything.

It has been wonderful to see the community rally together to help those affected. There are many fundraising events going on, and I’ll add to this list as I discover more.

The EC Partnership site is the best place to check in for volunteer opportunities, where to donate, and other information regarding flood recovery efforts. The county government site also has a wealth of information, including details about volunteer clean up dates.

For my trail running and hiking friends, please be aware that the Avalon area of Patapsco park is closed until further notice. Follow Patapsco’s Twitter account for details on closures and other information. This message has been posted in a few of the local trail running groups: “Please get a message to your networks and ask everyone to stop using the trails down in the Avalon/Glen Artney/Hilton/Orange Grove areas. It’s not safe, and I don’t have the manpower to simultaneously clean up, make everything safe again and monitor the trails ( to warn users of potential safety issues ). The Avalon area is closed to all users until further notice.” Folks, I know you can duck under the tape, or wander around to that ‘secret’ trailhead no one knows about and legitimately say you didn’t see any signage. Please stop. Foot traffic, bike traffic, hoofed traffic, it’s all a giant distraction in the midst of a catastrophic event. Give the staff the time and space they need to get the place reopened. Stay out of the Avalon area until further notice. They don’t ask us for much, the least we can do is follow their instruction while they’re working. Believe me they want things back to normal just a quickly as you do. Thanks for your attention.”


Getting down to the final weekends of summer…

This was such a busy weekend! We accomplished several wedding-related tasks and made some purchases, such as galvanized tubs for holding drinks.

C and I got some relaxed time in while wandering Loch Raven and geocaching. We went six for six in our caching, which I believe is the most caches we’ve found in one day at this point. We didn’t really set out with a specific goal; we just wanted to spend time together and get outdoors. I spent a good portion of Sunday morning studying for my math final later this week and really needed the break! A three mile stretch of Loch Raven Drive is closed to cars on weekends from 10am to 5pm, in case you were wondering why we were walking in the road. We took the road out from our parked car, and a trail for the way back.


Geocaching with The Wheezy Runner


Geocaching with The Wheezy Runner

C found a perfectly shaped miniature walking stick that he said reminded him of Yoda. :)


Geocaching with The Wheezy Runner


Geocaching with The Wheezy Runner


Later in the evening, SFG and I had quick treadmill runs at the gym. I got three miles in that were pretty slow because I was exhausted at that point! I’m glad I went anyway…even if it is difficult to get out the door, I always feel better when I’m finished.

I’m savoring these last couple weeks before school starts up again. C will have a busy year…school, Scouts, and Mighty Milers (we’ve missed the group runs!) all start at the same time. He’s also interested in the Math 24 club and will be participating in the school orchestra this year too. I’ll have my toughest semester yet with Intermediate Accounting I that I keep hearing horror stories about. Add to all of that, our wedding in late September, SFG’s mother’s wedding in early September, and shooting a wedding each in September and October…I get tired just thinking about all of it, though it is reassuring that things will calm down a bit after September.

I’m going to do my best during all of these activities to keep on my running schedule to help reduce stress and improve the quality of my sleep. What are your strategies to stay organized, healthy, and reduce stress for the upcoming school year? 🙂


Geo-Secret Santa planning is in the works!

One of my favorite places on the internet is Reddit’s Geocaching sub. The cachers there are planning a Geo-Secret Santa for the upcoming holiday season and it would be great to have lots of participants! If you’re interested in exchanging goodies with other cachers, click the link above to sign up for the geocaching forum. There’s also a mailing list to notify you as the secret santa event gets closer.

Signups will open on November 19th and a thread will be up on the Reddit sub with more information. Signups end and gifters are matched on December 4th, with a shipping deadline of December 18th.

Questions can be sent to rgeosecretsanta at gmail dot com, and if you’d like to promote the gift exchange while caching or at a meetup, a Redditor was kind enough to make cards you can print and cut up here.

Photos from last year’s exchange can be found here.

In addition to our love of geocaching, our whole family loves snail mail so this will be a great project to be involved in!


August 4th Track Workout

8/4 Track Workout

Last night I went to my first track workout in nearly a year and I can feel it. Track workouts are not easy, but I will never, ever let a long stretch go between them again. I am so sore today and my legs are so tired! My right calf is particularly tight and even my abs and obliques are tender this morning.

Last night’s workout consisted of 2×400, 2×800, and 2×400 with warm up laps. Typically I’d do a cool down lap or two, but it was getting late so I counted the ~0.7 mile walk to the car as my cool down. I did my runs at a 12:00 pace, and I was disappointed at how difficult it felt. Last year I was doing speed work at a 9:30-10:00 pace, but if I’m consistent I know I can get back there again. Not losing my inhalers and taking my asthma medications daily will go a long way, too!

C came along and ran my warm up 400s with me, as well as my last 400, which helped a lot. I needed that extra boost of motivation at the end and letting C down by walking is not an option!


Track Speed Workout | The Wheezy Runner


I also loved being back with BRRC friends. It felt great to be greeted with hugs by people I haven’t seen in quite awhile! The social part of running is almost as important to me as the exercise itself, so making it to these group runs when I can means a lot. I love hearing about people’s races, what they’re training for, how their training is going. I learn more and it keeps me motivated!

Weekend Plans

This weekend, we’ll be at the Saturday  morning group run and SFG may or may not be at the Road Runner’s Bunker Hill trail race (which we ran last year, highly recommended!). Outside of running, we have some serious crafting to do both for the wedding and for C’s cosplay wish list. C and I also have a fluffy animals crochet kit and hopefully I can fashion a cute cat for him! I also have my math final next Thursday and need to study more. This is why I come back to work on Monday and feel exhausted! 🙂

What are your running plans for the weekend? Tell me about your training and racing!


First run back with the BRRC!

This past weekend I went for my first run back with the Baltimore Road Runners Club. I was so happy to be there, I didn’t even mind waking up at the crack of dawn – well worth it considering the heat recently. At 7am, the weather was surprisingly comfortable. I loved seeing familiar faces from previous BRRC training seasons and meeting some new runners, too.

I increased my distance to 4.2 miles for this “long” run. I used an interval timer, but was able to run through some of the walking intervals once I got warmed up. I walked a bit to socialize with one of our coaches at one point because I was so happy to be able to catch up with her and generally exercise in a social setting again! I’m thankful that I have a gym membership, but group runs (particularly outdoors) will always be more enjoyable.

It was very relaxing to run this route again. I didn’t listen to music and on a whim decided to use my daily Headspace meditation session during the run. It was a very different, but very good experience to follow the guided meditation cues while running. Instead of focusing on my tired legs and lungs, I observed more of the sounds around me than I would typically notice. A recent Headspace session reflected on observing your thoughts from the sidelines, as if you’re sitting on the side of the road watching cars go by. It is a great technique for anxiety sufferers or simply to organize your thoughts. I was more aware of the rest of my body and thus, my running form. It was a positive experience and if I can make it more of a routine it seems like something that would be helpful with mentally powering through difficult runs and races. I still have marathon aspirations (2017?) so I’ll definitely need that… If you’re interested in meditation, I highly recommend giving it a try during a run! I’m curious to hear other runners thoughts and experiences on this as well.

My view while running at Loch Raven Reservoir


The Wheezy Runner - Loch Raven Reservoir


Next weekend I’ll likely stick with the same distance. It is awfully tempting to go longer, but I’m trying hard to be patient and train properly in order to stay healthy and avoid injury. I’ve been using My Macros+ to track my diet and my body measurements are slowly creeping down. I’m trying to be patient with that, too!

If you’re in the Baltimore area and interested in very affordable, quality training take a look at the BRRC website. The mid-distance group is training for fall half marathons, and there are trail running and Couch to 5k groups too. This training season is just beginning so there’s still time to join!



Our geocaching kit!

We recently put together a geocaching kit with some supplies we keep wishing we had with us while out and about. Since we’re getting more and more heavily into caching (and even getting friends to join in), we’ve also wanted to carry things to leave or trade in caches in addition to the basics like having pens on hand and supplies to repair caches if necessary.

A vast majority of the time, I would not alter a cache but recently we found a damp log in a ziplock bag that had split down one side – an easy fix that wouldn’t have altered the cache at all. So, into the kit a handful of sandwich sizes and smaller bags have gone.

Many geocaching supplies and goodies to exchange can be found for very low cost or free. Our gray containers, mini composition book to use as a cache log, stickers, and mini erasers were all free through Listia (referral link) purchases. Listia is a credits-based auction site where you can watch videos, do surveys, or complete offers to earn credits in addition to selling your own items. Thrift stores are the perfect places to find locking plastic food storage containers to use for medium sized caches.

We did recently decide to purchase a premium membership to We’ve found that their new app unfortunately is extremely limited to basic members – much more so than their previous app. For as much as we use the app, it has been a worthwhile purchase.




  1. Repair kit – tape, scissors, and extra baggies to replace ones that have torn.
  2. Keep some goodies on hand to leave behind or trade! I love sewing little felt foods or other cute things, in addition to the stickers and erasers.
  3. Our first cache to hide – includes a small container, label to put on after we name it, a log sheet, and a cute handmade polymer clay hamburger as a first-to-find goodie.
  4. Pen and extra logs, in case a log is full or destroyed.
  5. A light drawstring backpack to carry it all!

If you’ve also caught the treasure hunting bug, what’s in your geocaching kit? Share with me in the comments!

I finally returned to my usual running route!

After taking it easy with lots of very short, very slow runs on the track and treadmill, I finally had my longest run of the year over the holiday weekend – 3.4 miles! I ran our usual “neighborhood loop” that I used to dread…our neighborhood is pretty but the loop gets very repetitive after awhile.

This time, I couldn’t have been happier to be on it! It felt so comfortable and normal to be back on a regular route. I was so happy to run a whole 3+ miles (though still a far cry from my longest run last autumn at 16 miles) that I didn’t even mind my legs feeling tired afterwards. If anything, the tired feeling made me even happier because it was familiar and I felt productive.

Last night I had to settle for a treadmill run due to available exercise time, and I also added some upper body weights in after. SFG and I got to visit the gym together, which is a rarity for us! Today it is the hottest it has been so far this summer and the air quality is poor – I could feel it immediately this morning – so I may be stuck on the treadmill again, but I’ve already been looking forward to my next trip around the neighborhood loop!

I’d like to be able to do shorter races by the end of the year. I’m nowhere near being PR-ready, but there are some autumn and winter races that would be fun to do with the family. A friend is already registered for a Halloween 5k in which you carry a pumpkin through the race course! I love all things autumn so some fun, low-pressure events like that would be ideal to get me back into racing.

Listening to: On both my weekend run and last night’s treadmill run, I listened to episodes of Last Podcast on the Left, a podcast that is a mish-mash of true crime, paranormal (with a healthy dose of skepticism and mockery), and crude humor. It provides lots of laughs, but is not appropriate for little ears!


The Wheezy Runner

Visit to the Land of Little Horses

The Land of Little Horses is a small farm just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. SFG’s sister found the farm through a Living Social deal and she, her husband, their daughter, and SFG, C, and I made plans to visit.

We checked in at the little gift shop and paused to buy a bag of food to feed the animals. After exiting into the farm area, we were greeted immediately by adorable tiny horses! We reminded C to feed the animals with an open hand and no fingers curled up, and all of the animals we interacted with during our visit were very gentle and friendly. Being such an animal lover, I also noticed that the farm itself looked clean and well maintained and the animals, healthy and well cared for. 🙂


Land of Little Horses @ The Wheezy Runner


Land of Little Horses @ The Wheezy Runner


I loved the horses we met! They were very gentle and their noses were so soft and velvety. I took many photos of animal noses!


Land of Little Horses @ The Wheezy Runner


Land of Little Horses @ The Wheezy Runner


The goats were C’s favorite animals, particularly this little white goat that we visited (and fed!) several times.


Land of Little Horses @ The Wheezy Runner


Land of Little Horses @ The Wheezy Runner


Land of Little Horses @ The Wheezy Runner


Land of Little Horses @ The Wheezy Runner


I recommend taking a trip to the farm! Everyone from our niece at a year and a half old to all of the adults who went had a great time. The animals were all very friendly and gentle even with the smallest children there.